The Next Day

Excerpt from Modern Eden Interview:

ME: The Next Day is a new and exciting direction for you. We notice the departure from geometric forms in favor of a more gestural alla prima approach. Can you talk about how you “loosened” up your style (for lack of a better term)? How has your more structured work over the last 5 years has been building toward this?

EV: Transitioning into this “looser” look was a result of a conscious decision I made to change my approach. I had a really tough month, emotionally, in the fall of 2014 and turned to art as a release. I needed a chance to express myself through design. I was inspired by musicians and lyricists that express their emotions or state of mind through music and words, and how confident and cool something sappy could sound. I thought to myself—Why not do that in my paintings? Before that moment, I was really focused on technique, composition, and design. I wasn’t consciously thinking about a narrative, or an emotion. When I did factor this in, it changed my approach to painting. The results are the portraits with a deconstructed look. There are areas of stability and structure, and areas of exploration. It was very much an investigative process. I was able to use the portrait as a vehicle to express my emotion through the facial expression, and through the surface and design of the paint. The overall painting process was a thrill for me, and I was instantly hooked. I felt the need to explore the concept further.

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