Lost Thoughts & Days Ahead

My paintings are inspired by master works as well as the contemporary human condition.

These paintings are a representation of the mental states that are created in response to everyday societal pressures and expectations.

I’m fascinated with the idea of human emotion and why it is so important.  In my paintings, I try to explore and express emotion by altering and distorting features—creating a kind of dissonance. I ask my subjects to sit with a neutral expression to minimize their influence over the kind of emotion I end up exploring in a piece.

My earlier paintings were a visual clash of contemporary art and the utility of master works. This newer visual direction is a result of my take on the modern art aesthetic. Subtle shifts, repetition, (re)placement or absence of facial features help create emotion without relying on more familiar, literal representations. I think abstraction of reality sometimes can be more inviting for the viewer, allowing them to empathize with emotion in a safe environment.